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Quoting: Why can't anyone do the right thing?!

Seriously, what the hell, guys?! I just saw this on the lojban mailing list. It's not like any of those people are at fault, because really, I've given up on expecting random non-OCD-people on the internet to "quote correctly" and work against the defaults of their mail clients (putting the cursor in two blank lines above the quoted text? Shame on you!). Still, this example is beyond fucked up. Sentences that once were a paragraph and were later rewrapped by mail clients over and over again in different ways end up spanning many differently indented quoting levels. What is the justification? How can one write a mail user agent that is dumb enough to cause this kind of corruption? And why does it seem like there are that many of them out there?

I apologise for not being constructive, but the moment I saw it I felt the very strong need to just rant. And now that I have a blog, I can even reach out to a massive internet audience! Anyone feel like turning this into a FFFUUUUUUUUU comic?